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Family Tricholomataceae
Accession Number F23886
Genus Clitocybe 
Species cf.  fragrans
Species Author (With.)  P.  Kumm.
Country Canada 
Province_State British  Columbia
Location Capilano  Regional  Park  between  North  Vancouver  and  West  Vancouver
Latitude 49.358
Longitude -123.116
Altitude 150  m
Date 26/10/2013    (DD/MM/YYYY)
GeneBank Accession Number KJ146702
Morphological Description
Collector Oscar  David  Rodriguez  Ruiz
Number ORodriguez46
Other Collectors Jason  Lussier
Determined by Oscar  David  Rodriguez  Ruiz
Host Substratum Decaying  conifer  needles
Notes White  spore  print  with  irregular  shaped  spores  around  5.5-6.5  ┬Ám  in  length  X  3.5-4  um  wide.  This  mushroom  has  a  strong  odor  or  aniseed  which  strongly  distinguishes  it  from  other  Clitocybe  species.
Habitat Coastal  Western  hemlock  biogeoclimatic  zone.  Growing  on  some  foliage  of  the  litter  humus  layer  on  a  partially  closed  canopy  with  mostly  hemlock  in  the  overstory.
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Image of oscaro.jpg
Cap  shape  when  mature
phylum Basidiomycota
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Date  Created 22/11/2013
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