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Family Pluteaceae
Accession Number
Genus Pluteus
Species plautus
Species Author (Weinm.)  Gillet  1876
Country Canada
Province_State British  Columbia
Location Capilano  River  Regional  Park,  North  Vancouver
Latitude 49.356
Longitude -123.112
Altitude 90  m
Date 23/10/2021    (DD/MM/YYYY)
GeneBank Accession Number
Morphological Description Mild  scent,  velvety  cap,  fibrous  stipe  felt  hollow,  gills  were  white  then  became  darker  beige  when  old. 
Collector Mary  Chung
Number MC20211023
Other Collectors Kishoore  Ramanathan,  Sewit  Yemane,  Jennifer  Mitchell
Determined by Mary  Chung
Host Substratum Decaying  wood
Notes Three  specimens  found  growing  together.  Attached  to  decaying  wood.
Habitat Mixed  forest
DNA  sequence  in  GeneBank
Name  of  Sequencer
Specimen Images
Image of 2021_Mary_1.jpg
Cap  shape  when  mature 1┬áconical/bell  shape
phylum Basidiomycota
material  collected gilled  mushroom
morphology  summary Material  collected:  gilled  mushroom
Cap  shape  when  mature:  1┬áconical/bell  shape
Time  Modified 07:54:43
Date  Created 03/12/2021
mycology project ID 850