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Family Physalacriaceae
Accession Number
Genus Strobilurus 
Species trullisatus
Species Author Murrill  1916
Country Canada
Province_State British  Columbia
Location North  Vancouver,  Capilano  River  Regional  Park,  in  between  trial  Second  Canyon  and  Pipeline.
Latitude 49.3553
Longitude -123.1121
Altitude 69
Date 23/10/2021    (DD/MM/YYYY)
GeneBank Accession Number
Morphological Description caps  between  0.4-0.7  cm  across,  smooth,  white  with  pinkish  centers,  Stipes  between  1-1.5  cm  x  0.15  cm,  regular,  mostly  white,  base  yellowish  with  hairs  and  mycelial  threads.
Collector Tizha  (Cristina)  Shi  Zhang
Number CFSZ2022OCT22.2
Other Collectors
Determined by Tizha  (Cristina)  Shi  Zhang
Host Substratum on  douglas-fir  cone
Notes associated  with  douglas-fir  cone  (Pseudotsuga  menziesii)
Habitat Mixed  forest,  growing  gregariously  on  a  Douglas  Fir  cone  (Pseudotsuga  menziesii) 
DNA  sequence  in  GeneBank
Name  of  Sequencer
Specimen Images
Image of 2022_8347.jpeg
Cap  shape  when  mature 3¬†convex  to  plane
phylum Basidiomycota
material  collected gilled  mushroom
morphology  summary Material  collected:  gilled  mushroom
Cap  shape  when  mature:  3¬†convex  to  plane
Time  Modified 07:52:51
Date  Created 13/12/2022
mycology project ID 917